The Chainsmokers Held A Concert Over The Weekend In Southhampton

Over the weekend The Chainsmokers threw a concert in Southampton. I believe it was supposed to be a "drive in" concert but there were no cars present. There were also no masks and no social distancing. There were however around 2,000 people at the show. Not a good look for The Chainsmokers or Southampton at this point. Authorities are asking for details on the show and they would also like to know why Southampton issued a permit for the show to happen.

Look, I understand that some people feel that we need to get "back to normal". I understand that some people think that this whole pandemic is a "hoax". In my opinion this show was reckless and straight up foolish. I'm going to call it now, we are going to see a giant spike in positive cases because of what happened in the Hamptons over the weekend.

I'm curious what the Governor is going to do now since this event caught his attention.