It's National Chicken Wing Day, So Which Is Better The Drum Or The Flat?

With today being National Chicken Wing Day I thought we should end the debate about which is better, the drum or the flat? We'll also settle the blue cheese or ranch debate!

Doesn't matter to me what the Governor says, chicken wings are a meal. Enough said on that. Now, which wing is better? The drum is the superior chicken wing. There is more meat. It's easier to hold and eat. Most importantly, it's easier to dip. The flat is way to difficult to hold on to. You have to do way too much work to get all the meat off of the bone and it's terrible for dipping. With that all said, I love ALL chicken wings and will not be mad as long as they're in front of me and I can eat them. Unrelated but certainly important, the wings MUST be crispy.

Now, let's hit the dip. Blue cheese is the clear cut winner here. The taste of Buffalo sauce and blue cheese combination is way better than the Buffalo and ranch combo. Ranch has it's place in the world of dipping but it doesn't belong on the plate with chicken wings.

All in all, no matter if you're eating flats or drums with blue cheese or ranch, it doesn't matter. Enjoy your wings to the fullest!