No More Snow Days?

There might not be anymore "snow days" for the kids. That's right, thanks to virtual learning the snow day might be a thing of the past. Although it would appear that the decision will be up the the individual school districts. As much as that's a huge downer for kids as they watch the snow piling up outside it sort of makes sense. Because the kids don't necessarily have to travel to school anymore, the weather really should have any effect on the kids getting their school work done. The days lesson can be done virtually now so why have the day off?

I'm guessing that when you read that, you think I'm fully in favor of this new "no snow days" thing. Well, I'm not. Snow days have always been a nice day off for the kids. The excitement that kids feel when they see the snow falling and they think "woohoo, snow day tomorrow!" could be gone for good. That pretty much stinks with a capital "S". There's something magical about snow days. Not just for the kids either. I'm sure teachers love them as much as the kids do. The school year can be a pretty intense grind for all that are involved. An unplanned day off here and there is good for the spirit. A day with no stress. No lesson to be taught. A day where everyone can relax and recharge if needed. So no, I am not fully in favor of "no snow days" because I think that they have their place within the school year. So I say BOO to no snow days.

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