Was There A UFO Spotted In New Jersey?

There were quite a few videos popping up all over social media about a UFO being seen in New Jersey but was it really a UFO that people were seeing?

The short answer is NO. It was a blimp and not actual aliens. I saw one of the videos on Twitter and said out loud "that looks like a blimp, not a UFO" but you never know.

Here are some of the videos that were posted of the New Jersey UFO - Some of the language is NSFW

Apparently none of these people have actually seen the Goodyear Blimp before but it turns out, that's exactly what it was. People were stopping in traffic to take videos and pictures of a BLIMP! A rep from Goodyear confirmed that the company was flying the blimp in NYC/Northern New Jersey. They were getting aerial footage of the Giants Monday Night Football game. Don't get me wrong, I have no doubt that aliens do exist but this isn't proof of that. It's just proof that people really will fall for anything that pops up on the internet.

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