What's Our Winter Going To Look Like In The Capital Region?

Have you been wondering what the Winter is going to be like this year? I can't lie, I've been thinking about it. The way that 2020 has gone so far I wouldn't be surprised if we had 49 feet of snow but I hope that doesn't happen.

According to what The Farmer's Almanac is saying, the Northeast is going to have a "snowy comeback". While most of the Country is going to see a "light Winter" the Northeast is supposed to see a "greater than normal snowfall" this year. They're also predicting a blizzard in early February. That storm could bring 1-2 feet of snow from DC all the way up to Boston.

So, if your a fan of snowy Winters and this picture below makes you all warm and tingly then you're going to love this Winter.

Snowy road in snow storm.

Snowy road in snow storm.

It that picture above makes you cringe, then you might want to buckle up because this Winter is not going to be a good thing for you.