Why November 5th Is An Important Day In History

On this very day back in 1955, Doctor Emmett Brown was hanging a clock in his bathroom when he slipped and fell. Brown hit his head on the way down and was knocked out cold but what happened when he woke up is when history changed forever. Brown had a vision in his head as he opened his eye, a vision that was so vivid that he immediately drew what he saw. That drawing was of the Flux Capacitor, which as we all know, is what makes time travel possible. It took Brown a number of years to finally see his vision come to life, matter of fact it took him 30 to complete his project. In 1985, Brown and his pal Marty McFly met in the parking lot of Twin Pines Mall and from there the rest is history.

Made that sound pretty convincing, didn't I? For those that don't know, that's the set up for the movie Back To The Future. November 5th, 1955 is the day that the entire BTTF movie trilogy revolves around.