Tiger Woods Had A 10 On A Par 3 In The Masters

Let me start by congratulating Dustin Johnson on his win yesterday at The Masters. Couldn't be happier for him.

Now, let's talk about Tiger Woods showing us that even the best to ever play the game has a bad hole here and there. Tiger carded a 10 on the 12th Hole at Augusta National yesterday. As if the 10 isn't bad enough, the 12th hole is a Par 3. Tiger ended up putting 3 balls in the water, that's +7 for the hole.

What makes the whole situation even crazier is the fact that he still managed to shoot a 39 on the back 9, which for those of you playing along at home is just +3 for the side. If you play golf, you know how insane that actually is. Picture putting a 10 on your scorecard and still managing to shoot a 39! Tiger birdied 4 of his last 5 holes in the final round and made 4 straight to close out the day.

Tiger showed a very small sign of being "one of us" and then reminded us that he's Tiger Woods and quite possibly The GOAT