Paesan's Pizza Donates Big To Bar Stool's Small Business Fund

Frank Scavio, who owns Paesan's Pizza, donated $5,000 to Bar Stool Sports "Small Business Fund" and then issued a challenge to Dave Portnoy, President of Bar Stool.

What was the challenge? Frank said that if Portnoy retweeted him that he would double his donation. Portnoy accepted the challenge and retweeted Frank and then Frank held up his end of the deal, doubling his donation to the fund.

The "Small Business Fund" has raised over $11 Million so far and it's still growing. Say what you will about Dave Portnoy or Barstool Sports but what they're doing for small businesses is amazing!

I'd also like to give a standing ovation to Frank Scavio for making his donation! It's always great to hear stories of people helping people but when that story comes from The Capital Region, it's even better.