The Tri-City ValleyCats Have A New League!

Some good news for baseball fans in The Capital Region. The Tri-City ValleyCats will become the 16th team in The Frontier League. What makes this even greater is that the league is a partner with MLB and also moves the most players into the Majors than any other independent league.

The ValleyCats new season will start in the middle of May and will include 48 home games along with 48 away games. Of course that might be different this upcoming season with the COVID pandemic still going on.

With the move, the Cats will be responsible for the on field costs along with management and expenses that come along with that. With everything being considered, ValleyCats management felt that The Frontier League was the right move for the team.

Now that the team is not affiliated with an MLB franchise, there's a very good chance that we'll be seeing better baseball when we go to The Joe to watch a game. Many players that were released by MLB teams use independent leagues to work their way back into the Majors. What's that mean? The quality of players that will take the field in Troy will be much higher. The players will know the game on a more professional level.

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