Is 2021 The Year We Find Out That UFO's Are Real?

I'm a little late to the part on this one but apparently the Pentagon has until the end of June to provide their information on UFO's.

Now this doesn't mean that they're going to make all of their info public. The Pentagon is supposed to provide a report detailing all their intelligence on UFO's to the congressional intelligence and armed services committee. The question is, will any of that information be shared with the public?

Personally, I'm not positive that the public is ready to handle news about aliens and if they exist. As someone that does believe there are other beings in our Universe or from another Universe, I'm not even sure I'm ready to know the truth. Part of me thinks that I am but the other part of me says that I'm fine with wondering. If the info is made public, how will society handle the news? Why was it all kept a secret for so long? Was it to "protect" us? Was it to keep everyone calm?

If the report is made public or part of the report, what will the reaction be? Not just here in America but all over the World?

One thing is for sure, IF we get proof that UFO's and or aliens exist, 2021 will take home the prize for craziest year, EVER!