Did The Super Bowl Streaker Win A Bet?

If you were able to watch the entire Super Bowl then you saw the guy that ran out on to the field late in the game. Actually, even if you didn't see the whole game, or any of the game for that matter, I'm sure you've heard about the "streaker" at this point.

There is a picture floating around social media of the streaker with a guy in the bar. The caption says "Met the Super Bowl streaker at J. Alexander's Restaurant while having lunch before leaving Tampa. He bet 50k on a prop betat +750 that there would be a streaker at the Super Bowl. His buddy went out first as a diversion so he didn't so he didn't get caught as quickly as his friend. Cost him 1k to get out of jail so he cleared 374k on the bet. No (beep)"

Here's the picture below -

There is a pretty solid chance that this story is NOT true. Patrick Everson, who's a Senior Writer for Covers.com say no book would take this bet.

But IF the story is actually true, then this guy might just be a genius. That's a really BIG "if" though.