A Family In Amsterdam Gave Away Free Winter Jackets

Now why would anyone buy 220 Winter coats for a dollar at Wal Mart? As a gesture of love for Valentine's Day, that's why. But how is that a gesture of love, you ask? Deanna Mancini and her husband Chris, from Amsterdam, were planning on giving them away to those that needed them. This isn't something that they planned on doing, it was more of a spur of the moment thing. Deanna was at Wal Mart to get diapers and she saw the rack of coats at a massive bargain. After Deanna reached out to a few people, she talked to her husband and he told her to buy them all. Grated, he didn't know there were 220 of them but that's not the point.

The couple posted on social media about what they were doing and the post took off! Over 700 shares helped the family get the word out.

By Saturday afternoon, about 75% of them were gone.

Moral of the story? Times are tough for many people out there. A kind deed can go a very long way.