Gorilla Glue Is Not A Hair Product

Does the name Tessica Brown ring a bell? If not, let me remind you of who she is. She's the person that was all over social media for putting Gorilla Glue in her hair. Yes, she used a Gorilla Glue spry to set her hair and ended up being stuck for over a month.

Now, you would think that Avani Reyes would have seen that video and used it as a warning. DO NOT use Gorilla Glue to set your hair but here we are. Avani went viral over the weekend, getting well over 1 million views on her TikTok video after putting Gorilla Glue on her head.

The fact that she's surprised that she can't comb her hair because she used GLUE is mind blowing to me. To me, this is like being surprised that you're laying on the ground shaking after grabbing a exposed, live, wire. It's glue, it's not hair gel or hair spray. It's a product that's used to hold things together after they've been broken. As a reminder, Tessica Brown just did this, went viral and showed everyone that you shouldn't use Gorilla Glue as hair product. So, did Avani see that and say "nope, I don't believe it! That wouldn't really happen. You know what, I'm going to use it just to prove that that story isn't real."?

Please be advised, you should NOT ever use Gorilla Glue to hold your hair in place. That is not what it's meant for. If a picture frame or some other nick knack gets broken in your home, you should use Gorilla Glue. On your head is a horrible idea!