Signs Of Warmer Weather On The Horizon For The Capital Region

Last week when the temperature decided to get up near 70 in the Capital Region, I got pretty excited. I'm assuming you did as well. It was a sign that the warm weather is right around the corner. Unfortunately, within 48 hours we were back down into the 30's or colder and the hopes of Spring/Summer were put on the back burner for a little while longer.

There are some signs all over the 518 however that the warm weather is coming soon.

Today is opening day at Kurver Kreme on Central Ave. Snowman in Lansingburgh has been open since last weekend. Jack's Hamburgers in Wynantskill is open. And on March 28th Kay's Pizza will open for their 63rd season.

So, while the weather doesn't want to cooperate, all of our Spring/Summer favorites are beginning to open up and before we know it, the warm weather will be here for us to enjoy!