Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Loses On A Technicality

There is a rule on Wheel of Fortune that has fans upset because it's causing contestants to lose. I'm not sure what fans are actually upset about because it's one of the rules for the game show. Apparently this has happened a couple times in the "crossword" category of the game. Contestants are told "don't add anything" when they are solving the puzzle but they still seem to add the word "and" and because of the rule, they do not get the puzzle correct.

Fans have been calling for a rule change on the show but the way I look at it, the rule doesn't need to be changed. Follow the rule, don't add anything and you'll solve the puzzle correctly. Seems pretty simple, doesn't it?

If you watch the clip below, Pat Sajak clearly says "Say everything and don't add anything". Is it a silly rule? Sure but it is the rule.