Jake Paul Compared Himself To Floyd Mayweather?

Jake Paul is now 3-0 as a "professional" boxer and decided that he should compare himself to a young Floyd Mayweather Jr. Outside of being undefeated, I can't seem to see the actual similarities.

Jake Paul is yet to fight an actual boxer. He's knocked out Nate Robinson, a former NBA player. He knocked out Ben Askren, a former UFC fighter. While Askren actually fought professionally, he was not an actual boxer. Oh, and he also fought AnEsonGib, who's a gamer.

Now, I get that Jake Paul likes to say things that gets a reaction out of people but this has gone on long enough. Jake Paul is not a great boxer, he's not even a good boxer. He's a YouTube "celebrity" that is making a mockery of the sport. If he's as great as he claims, then how about he get in the ring with an actual boxer and I'm not talking about someone's sparring partner, I mean someone that's an established boxer. It doesn't have to be a big named boxer, just someone that knows what they're doing.

What's worse is that people continue to buy his fights. It's entertainment and I understand that but the more people that keep on buying into the fights the longer this foolishness will go on. The fact that he compared himself to Mayweather is laughable at best. I was never a big fan of Floyd but I do see and respect his greatness in the ring. The man retired at 50-0 and beat some big name fighters, they were past their prime at the time they fought him, but he beat them none the less. Then there's Jake Paul.