The Fear Of "What If" Something Happens

In case you missed it, there was a "threat" on pretty much all schools in the country today. The threat was a Social Media trend and led some schools in the Capital Region actually closing today. Some closed for "other" reasons but if you ask me, they're just saying that. Personally, my youngest daughter did not feel safe going to school today so we let her stay home. It was a decision that was made by not only my daughter but by myself and her mother. I'm sure as some people read this, they'll disagree with that decision. While I respect your right to disagree, I will add that we were not seeking anyone's approval for the decision.

I cannot believe that we have come to a point in this Country that we have to make these kinds of decisions. The likelihood of an act of violence in her school actually happening is very small BUT what if something were to happen? What if we made the decision to say "screw it, nothing is going to happen. You're going to school" and then something happens. That fear, the "what if" fear, is not something that I would normally make a decision based on but in this case, unfortunately, we have to. In this case and given the history of "school shootings" taking place, that "what if" fear is a very real thing.

What I want to do is talk to any and all parents that have that same fear. If you're questioning yourself today. Wondering if you made the right choice by letting your child stay home. Let me reassure you, you made the right choice. As parents, we go through every day trying to make sure that our kids have the very best. We try to make decisions with their best interest in mind. We want to protect our kids. Well, in this case, that's exactly what we did. Again, I understand that we're looking at a 99.9% chance that nothing happens. But it's that .01% that something does, that scares the living hell out of us. Do you think that if any parent who's child was taken from them because of a school shooting would've sent their kid to school on that day if they knew it was going to happen? Absolutely not!

Point here for the parent is, don't question whether or not you made the right choice. If you or your child didn't feel comfortable going to school today or any day, then you 100% made the right decision. We learned that our kids don't need to physically be in school to be "in school" so let them take a virtual day. If they were going to sit in class today and wonder "what's going to walk through that door?" If they were going to be full of anxiety. If they were going to be uneasy the entire day. Then letting them stay home was the correct decision. There is enough pressure on the kids during the school day. Wondering if they're going to go home and see their family again shouldn't be one of them.

It's not easy to be a parent during this weird time in our history. We have things to deal with that our parents or Grandparents didn't have to deal with. That's something that makes this even worse for us. Who do we talk to about making these choices? We can't go to our Moms or Dads and say "What did you do when I was going through this?" They didn't have to deal with this. We can't even look back and think what we did when we were in school. WE didn't have to deal with anything like this in school. We all know that there's no handbook for parenting but if there was, I'm pretty sure that there wouldn't be a chapter in there dealing with a situation like this. YOU made the right choice for YOUR child.

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