This Toddler Having A Full Conversation With His Dad Is So Cute

Kids really do have the most fascinating minds... and this toddler caught on video in what may be the most viral video of the year so far is proof.

The video shows a man sitting on the couch with a toddler, and they're watching something on TV. But then the man, who we assume is the toddler's dad, starts talking to the toddler as if he can understand him. It's cute.


I mean, we can't figure out what the toddler is trying to say, but he is clearly animated in his babbling conversation. And it goes on for a while.

The dad adorably just makes up what his son is talking about and carries on a full conversation with him. And it's wild because it really does look like the two understand each other!

Just watch the most adorable moment ever for yourself:


The son's mannerisms are proof that he's definitely watching his dad when he's having conversations, and it's proof that our kids really do benefit from being exposed to conversations between their parents, older siblings, and guests!

In fact, there was an entire study at York University showing that the more an infant or toddler heard adult conversation, the better their cognitive abilities. And it's not just about speech but skills across the board like drawing and writing that are positively impacted.

Sometimes I feel silly talking to my kids as if they're adults, but they're just over a year now and there's no better time than now to help with their cognitive abilities and their speech!

For my fellow parents who are trying to get into the habit of this, you can start by just talking to yourself out loud - asking yourself questions and planning out your day or writing your emails out loud in front of your kids!

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