Sean and Catherine Giudici Lowe Announce They're Expecting Again!


This family of four is about to get a little bit bigger!

Former The Bachelor couple, Sean and Catherine Lowe just revealed that they're expecting baby number 3! The couple, who has been together since Sean was The Bachelor and gave Catherine the final rose back in 2013, were married in a televised wedding in January 2014. They already have two sons, Samuel and Isaiah, who are only 22 months apart. Isaiah turned 1 just about a month ago, and Samuel will turn 3 next month.

Now, they're getting ready to become a family of five. And Catherine admits that it was all a bit of a surprise:

“It was a complete surprise and I stared at the wall for a good 24 hours,” Catherine told PEOPLE. “I was like, ‘I just had one of these!’"


Catherine and Sean found out they were going to become a family of three after Catherine hadn't been feeling well, and Sean asked if there was any chance she was pregnant before giving her antibiotics. They also shared their sweet tradition, and they way they have found out they were expecting each time:

“Every time we get pregnant, [Sean] tells me... I leave the stick in the bathroom and he comes out with the stick. So every time that we’ve found out, he’s the one who is telling me.”


And don't worry, other parents of multiples who worry if they realize how chaotic it will be to have three babies ages three and under in the house, they definitely know:

“Obviously, it’s going to be overwhelming and exhausting but they get to be best friends forever... We get to have these children who are going to be so close in age and get to grow up and have all these memories. Yeah, it’ll be hard for us but it’s just a chapter. It’s so fleeting.”

Congratulations to the adorable couple who have always made us believe in Bachelor success stories!!

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