Why We Need To Be On Alert For Hurricane Irma

It wasn't long ago that our area was hit hard by Hurricane Irene. It was the end of August 2011 when parts of our own area in the Albany area were destroyed, especially in Schoharie County. This is what some of the devastation looked like just six years ago. 

Hurricane Irma is already being called the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic. Although still uncertain how far up the east coast it may travel, there will be areas left in ruins. 

The American Red Cross is recruiting volunteers and supplies, as they are preparing for as many as 120,000 people needing shelter. Locally, you can get into their volunteer 'boot camp' in the link below: 

Wednesday, September 13

Saratoga Music Hall

474 Broadway, #6

Saratoga Springs, NY 12886

To sign up for a session, please register online or call (518) 694-5104.


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