Mohawk River Car Mystery Solved. Kind Of.


Turns out, the 1989 Honda Accord pulled from the Mohawk River on Tuesday was stolen from a Niskayuna couple back in 1994. 

Ronald and Cathy Frank had just returned from vacation in Ocean City, NJ and were tired, so they left the car in the driveway with the luggage still inside. The next morning it was gone. 

Ironically, Frank says a friend of his was scuba diving in the river back in 1996 and found the car. But at the time Schenectady fire/police and Scotia police didn't have the means of getting it out of the river. By then Frank had already bought a new car and he just kind of shrugged it off. 

The car had been sitting at the bottom of the Mohawk for over 20 years.

But, the thief is still unknown. 

[Daily Gazette]


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