The 'Bomb Cyclone' Is Making Its Way Toward Us

***Update 5:31pm: The National Weather Service has increased the snow totals from 1-2 inches to around 4 inches for the immediate Capital Region

With the big storm expected to bring more extreme cold, strong winds and snow to many places along the east coast, how exactly with the Albany area be affected? 

Luckily, not as bad as NYC, where they're expecting blizzard conditions and up to two feet of snow, depending how it moves. Around Albany, we can expect 1-2 inches of snow on Thursday, with more in the area of 4-6 inches toward the Berkshires. 

And yes, some pretty hostile wind chills are expected from Thursday night through Saturday, gusts that can make it feel like -35. 

Of course, it could all change for better or worse depending on where the storm tracks. 

Storm Total

And hey, check out Saturday's Hi temp...

7 Day Forecast

weather maps: National Weather Service

photo: rik-shaw (look 4 light), Flickr Creative Commons


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