'Saved By The Bell' Reboot In The Works?

Mark Paul Gosselaar

There's talk around Hollywood of 'Saved By The Bell' coming back to TV. Mark Paul Gosselaar played the main character Zack Morris in the 90's TV series and he recently told Fox News that he would indeed be open to the idea of a reboot. 

I’d like to see a version that was worth everyone’s time. 

Gosselaar says what concerns him the most are reboots that come along and don't live up to the success of the original show. 

There’s a lot of versions that we see that don’t do it justice,” he explained of the current reboot trend. “But I’d like to see a version, yeah, I’d like to see a version that we’d all agree on.

So what exactly would the show look like? Gosselaar says he doesn't know, but he likes what YouTube did with Cobra Kai as a spinoff from the Karate Kid movies. 

As for playing a high school aged Zack Morris, well, Gosselaar is now 44 with 4 kids. 

If you're looking to catch SBTB reruns, watch MeTV 13.2 Sunday mornings from 10am-noon or get them on demand through Hulu. 

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photo: Getty Images


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