Goldstocks Sporting Goods Closes Abruptly

7:19pm Update: The Daily Gazette is reporting that Glenville town supervisor Chris Koetzle is optimistic about the store reopening. He says the sudden closure was due to personal problems among the owners, not a business problem. Whatever those problems are, he says, have to be resolved before they can reopen the store. 

Goldstocks has been a staple in Glenville and the entire Albany area for decades. Last Friday they posted that the store would be closed August 11 & 12, but now their Facebook page says they are closed 'until further notice'. 

In their post, they ask anyone with any pending orders to reach out to 

No reason was given as to why the store will be closed for the foreseeable future, but there has been an outpouring of support on their Facebook page praising the owners for their community involvement and support of local sports teams through the years. 

A photo from NewsChannel 13 shows merchandise still on display throughout the store. 


[Times Union]

photos: NewsChannel 13


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