17 Year Old From Gloversville Goes Viral

Samantha Graham of Gloversville thought she saw something suspicious when she looked across the street and saw a teenager running up to a homeless man in Gloversville. Her initial thought was that the teenager was harassing the man, but then her jaw hit the floor. 


The 17 year old is Jordan Laverdure. He was playing basketball with friends in the park when he saw the homeless man pushing his shopping cart. Looking at the man's shoes, Jordan saw they were in horrible shape and the man was having trouble walking. Jordan took off his Steph Currys and put them in the man's cart. 

Samantha Graham was stunned and posted about what she saw on Facebook, which went viral in minutes. 

Jordan has been recognized by Gloversville High School for his act of kindness and will be honored at their upcoming pep rally. Way to go Jordan!!!


[NewsChannel 13]

photo: WNYT Video


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