The Kid From 'Free Willy' Arrested For Domestic Violence

Jason James Richter

Remember the kid from 'Free Willy'? The mid 90's movie where Jason James Richter plays a troubled orphan who befriends a killer whale? Well, he was arrested for domestic violence and spent two nights in jail after an altercation with his girlfriend. 

TMZ reports that Richter and his girlfriend were arguing after the actor confronted her about an affair he suspects her of having with a co-worker. After the initial argument, Richter left the house, but returned later beating down the bedroom door, that's when his girlfriend says he grabbed her by the wrists. She went to the police station to report the alleged assault. 

Richter was freed on $20,000 bail and is facing a charge of misdemeanor domestic violence and a count of vandalism. 

photo: Getty Images


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