98 Degrees Kicked Out Of Stop & Shop


90's boy band 98 Degrees needed a place to park their two giant tour buses overnight in Norwalk, CT. So, the two buses pulled in to a Stop & Shop supermarket parking lot. With the buses idling and no identification as to who the mysterious guests were, the store told them they had to move. 

So why were they there? Well, the band happened to be staying at the hotel across the street, but the hotel parking lot wasn't big enough for the two buses. Eventually around 2pm the driver moved the buses out of the parking lot. 

This did not go unnoticed at one of the highest levels of government, with Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy tweeting: 

Honestly, this is unacceptable. Whenever 98 Degrees comes to Connecticut they should be treated like the kings they indisputably are. I'm sorry Nick. Please come back soon.

The boys are scheduled to play their Christmas show at Ridgefield Playhouse on Wednesday night. 


[Times Union]


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