For Sale: Colonie Center

Colonie Center

If you see a 'For Sale' sign in front of Colonie Center - yes, the mall is on the market. With the exception of Macy's and Whole Foods, you can own the entire mall, although the asking price wasn't available. 

The current owners bought the mall in 2012 for 106 million and the mall itself generates about $250 million in annual revenue. LL Bean and Macy's are two of it's most profitable stores - not to mention there's talk of building apartments on the mall property, which would increase foot traffic. 

There is also more opportunity to lease space in the old Sears location, which Whole Foods has taken a portion of. 

A couple new stores rumored to be joining the mall soon are furniture store Ethan Allen and clothing retailer J Crew. 

[Times Union]

photo: Google Street View


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