WATCH: What's Inside Albany's Abandoned 'First Prize Center'?

Yes, urban exploration can be dangerous, but damn it's so cool! How many times do we drive by abandoned buildings in the Capital Region and wonder what's left inside? I can tell you each time I drive by the Tobin's First Prize factory on I-90, the thought crosses my mind. This meat packing plant employed almost 600 people when it closed its doors in 1981. Since then it has sat abandoned and decaying for decades, while changing ownership several times.

A few years ago, It was a rumored location for the casino that eventually landed in Schenectady. In 2018 it was bought by Richbell Capital , who plan on turning it into a combination housing and retail complex. Until then, the building still stands and these two urban explorers take us on a tour of one of Albany's most notorious abandoned sites.



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