Human Bones Found At Lake George Construction Site

Update 5:22pm: Examination of the bones indicate they are likely from the 1800's or earlier and of a male of European descent. A skull, jawbone, leg bone, and pelvis have been found so far.

It's always a possibility when digging deep into the earth that an archaeological find will happen, but we're a little more accustomed to it happening in ancient Egypt. Well, it just happened about an hour north of Albany in Lake George. A construction crew was digging on the site of a new home on Thursday and sure enough, human bones turned up. They do not appear to be recent, in fact early estimates show they may be hundreds of years old.

An archaeologist from the New York State Museum is examining the bones and construction on the area has been stopped in the meantime. Officials haven't released the exact location of the site yet.

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photo: Dennis Heller, Flickr Creative Commons


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