Aviation Mall Is Getting A BIG New Store

It seems like the only retail news we read is when stores are closing - and that's certainly been true as of late when it comes to local malls. Sears, Kmart, Forever 21, and The Gap (among many others) have downsized over the past few years causing vast areas of once bustling shopping centers to go vacant.

Last year, BonTon closed down nationwide, leaving a gaping 80,000 square feet empty in Queensbury's Aviation Mall. Some good news came this week when it was announced that about 30,000 feet of that space will now be occupied by the discount retailer Ollie's Bargain Outlet. Currently Ollie's has one Capital Region location in Crossgates Commons, which opened in 2013. This would be it's second location in the area. Nationwide they operate about 300 stores.

The opening is slated for August. An Aviation Mall spokesperson said they are still looking for another retailer to take up another 30,000 square feet of space left by BonTon, and perhaps a type of entertainment venue to use the remaining 20,000 square feet.

[Post Star]

photo: Google Street View


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