'Riot Room' Coming To Via Port Rotterdam

How's this for a stress relief concept. A safe place where you can just take a bat and smash printers, computers, glass, etc? Rage rooms have been popping up in parts of the country, but Angel Reilly and Steve Meddaugh are the new co-owners of the first of its kind Riot Room that's mobile. It's a trailer that will be stationed at ViaPort Rotterdam, but will be available for on-location rentals as well.

Let's say the boss wants to let all the employees get their aggression out at the end of the week, the Riot Room can come to you - and they provide the 'tools of destruction', the stuff to smash, and the safety gear.

They'll be holding their grand opening BASH on Friday, April 12th at their home location in ViaPort Rotterdam. It's guaranteed to be a SMASHING good time!

Get more on the Riot Room Facebook page.

photo: Facebook


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