WATCH: Two Guys Almost Come To Blows In Saratoga

This video was taken on Broadway in Saratoga, although it's not clear what led to the altercation, the video begins outside the Joseph A. Bank store when a younger man spits in the face of an older man sitting on a public bench and a fight almost breaks out.

'Get out of here', says the younger guy, spitting in the older man's face.

The older guy jumps up yelling 'you f---king scumbag' as the younger guy takes off his suit jacket looking like he's ready to throw down.

Right when it looks like it's about to get violent, a passerby on a bike gets in between the two, telling the younger man 'you're not helping your business right now'. We don't know if the younger guy is an employee of the Joseph A. Bank store.

Again, we're not sure what caused the problem, but this was ugly - and about to get uglier.


photo: Facebook Video


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