Wynantskill Man Attacks Flight Attendant, Police

Passengers feared for their lives on a US Airways flight from DC to Newark on Sunday. Matthew Dingley from Wynantskill apparently ran up the aisle banging on the cockpit door. When a flight attendant tried to stop him, he started beating on her. Several passengers had to restrain him, but the fighting continued out on the tarmac when Dingley attacked police officers, pushing one down the steps of the plane, breaking 4 ribs.

Mike Egbert was a passenger on the plane and told New York's NBC 4

He picks up a police officer, throws the police officer...his back. If he did actually get into that cockpit lord knows what would have happened.

In all, six police officers and the flight attendant were injured.

Dingley is facing several charges including resisting arrest and aggravated assault.

He has a pretty lengthy criminal record, the Times Union says he's been arrested in the past for DWI, possession of stolen property, and even leading police on a high speed chase in North Carolina in 2016.


photo: Twitter Video


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