This Man Pulled A 5-Foot Tapeworm Out Of His Body After Eating Sushi


If you get sick easily... time to look away. 

Ok, we warned you... 

This man in California recently discovered he had a 5-foot tapeworm inside his body! Yeah, you read that right. He went to the emergency room complaining of bad diarrhea and stomach pains. Looks like it turned out to be MUCH worse than food poisoning. 

The ER doctor was 'skeptical' because many patients complain of the same symptoms that end up being not as severe. However, this man had PROOF! He wrapped the parasite in toilet paper and showed the doctor.

According to Buzzfeed News

Dr. Kenny Banh asked the patient if he had traveled out of the country or drank 'well water' in the past year but he then...

'...discovered that the man ate raw salmon sushi "almost every day," which could be the way the parasite entered his body.'

It gets worse... 

The man first thought the worm was a piece of intestine hanging out of his rectum after he had diarrhea, the doctor said said...

On that note, enjoy your next piece of sushi!




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