Mikey and Frankie were born and raised in Framingham. Both have been on-air on Kiss 108 during their careers.


Frankie, the older brother, has since spread his wings to the west coast with shows on Channel 93.3 in San Diego, KIIS-FM in Los Angeles, Kiss 107.9 in Sacramento and many other iHeartRadio stations across the country.


Mikey has been on-air on Kiss 108 since 2013, hosting nights, now PM Drive, and can be heard on other iHeartRadio stations across the country. Mikey is also the Assistant Program Director and Music Director of Kiss 108.


Newcomer Gianna Gravalese adds the female perspective and produces the program; Gianna is another local talent born and raised in Revere, MA. In addition to her role with The VBros, Gianna is an on-camera reporter for “Dirty Water TV,” a Boston-based nightlife cable program on NESN.

Jessie Murph Interview Live From Boston Calling Music Festival

She Found Her Co-Worker's BF on TINDER..

Mikey V, Frankie V, and Gianna get advice for a girl who found her co-worker's boyfriend on a dating app. They also discuss how to get rid of body aches, cat's toes, being a time optimist, how long it takes for kids to get bored, how to make your relationship last forever, Barbie-cue sauce, the most stressful time of the day, and the average amount of coffee people should drink. 

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She Said NO to Being Her Best Friend's Maid of Honor

Is it ever okay to say NO to being in someone's wedding because you can't afford it? Mikey, Frankie, and Gianna disucss this as well as one way to have a positive outlook on life, how long it takes to make a close friend, why women enjoy ice cream more than men, the weather, the Boston marathon, fixing road rage, and sleeping with stuffed animals. Mommy V also joins the show to talk about why things SUCK! 

Be sure to listen to Kiss 108 on the iHeart Radio app weekdays from 2-7pm EST for more! 

Things We Should Have Learned in High School

Friday has arrived! Mikey, Frankie, and Gianna hook it up with some tickets to Kiss concert all day along with making us laugh with new TikTok Health trends. Get ready for the weekend with a very good grocery shop hack!

Will Taylor Be at Coachella? & Ice Spice Becomes a Movie Star!

No sun to be seen here in Boston today, but we got you covered. Mikey, Frankie, and Gianna talk about how eclipse glasses will be worth thousands of dollars someday AND tell us signs that we are old!

Menu Anxiety & Braces are for STYLE Now!

Mikey and Frankie will participate in the game Gianna invented: Are you Smarter than a V-Bro? Then, the trio will open up group chat to see if snitches get stitches!

Post Eclipse Blues & The 3 Date Rule

Mikey and Gianna are live from Fenway Park for today's opening day while Frankie holds the fort down in studio. Talking with some fans leads to a very fun Two Truths and a Lie as well as a Red Sox related group chat!

Friendzone Expenses & Solar Eclipse!

Finally some SUN shining in Boston. Mommy V will lighten her boys with some fun facts per usual, then the gang will help a listener find a solution to a very very difficult life problem. 

How to Live Until 90 Years Old & A New Kind of Cat Phishing

Dating Apps having voice prompts make it easy to SOUND a litttttle different than reality. Mikey, Frankie, and Gianna discuss how to live til 90 AND embark in a hilarious Two Truths and a Lie!

My Daughter is Named After my Boyfriend's EX GIRLFRIEND?!

Snow? In April? Ok.... We will just have to take your minds off it. Tune in to break away from today's weather and learn what the kind of wine you drink says about you, what your dreams REALLY mean, and tax season scaries!