BJ's BrewHouse Coming To Colonie Center

I drove by Colonie Center and noticed that construction at the old Sears Auto spot is coming along pretty good. I hadn't heard anything about what was going in there but with a little bit of looking on the internet, I found out.

We're getting a BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse. Now while their not exactly local, they aren't exactly a big chain either. There's only a few locations that I could find. Actually just 3, 1 located near Nanuet, 1 in Hackensack and 1 in NYC. 

The menu looks like they offer up a lot of options from pizza, tacos, sandwiches, burgers and everything in between. 


Oh and not only do they have a nice selection of booze to choose from, they also have hand crafted sodas as well - BEVERAGE MENU HERE



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