More Snow Coming Wednesday???

And just when we thought that maybe last Friday was our last storm of the season, it's looking like we might get hit again on Wednesday.

Again, they're not really sure what we're going to get. We might get 1-2 inches or we might get 8-14 inches. It's all depending on which way this storm tracks. Just like the one that came through on Friday. 

From what The Weather Channel is saying we're only going to get 1-3 inches. CLICK HERE for their report. 

Channel 13 isn't really giving us a total because, like I said earlier, our totals are going to depend on the track of the storm. Their forecast can be FOUND HERE

New 10 ABC doesn't have totals either, just that several inches are possible. CLICK HERE for their guess.

And finally, Channel 6 says that it's possible that we're getting a Nor'Easter. Their shot at this one can be FOUND HERE

And this is not the snow that I'm talking about.

A licky boom boom down. 


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