21 Years Ago We Lost The G.O.A.T.

One of the main reasons that I fell in love with rap music was the Notorious BIG. His smooth flow combined with the story telling ability had me in awe with every song. Along with that, back then you couldn't listen to a song without hearing his voice. He was literally everywhere and I was totally fine with that. 

His music was with me through some of my greatest memories as a kid. I can't really think of a time back then when I wasn't listening to one of his albums. Seriously, you couldn't get in my car and not hear Biggie coming out of my speakers. What was even better is the fact that I got to see him LIVE at the Times Union Center along with Junior Mafia, The Luniz, Craig Mack, Adina Howard and others. 

His death created a huge hole in the hip hop world that will never be filled. The greatest rapper of all time dies on March 9th. 

I thought I'd share some of my favorites from the GOAT. RIP BIGGIE

The obvious start is with Juicy - BTW the language may be NSFW so be warned!



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