Jack's Drive In Officially Opens Saturday

Jack's Drive In is officially open for business tomorrow. Hard to believe they're kicking off their 80th season. I remember going there as a kid with my Grandparents. Maybe that's where I found my love of burgers and fries?

I can vividly remember sitting at their picnic tables and enjoying a slider, french fries(with wooden fork thing) and a chocolate milk. We would just sit and chat about the Yankees and enjoy our food. Gotta say, I miss doing that with them. 

We would also throw some of our fries to the birds that were hanging around waiting for us to drop something so they could feast. 

It's funny how certain things will stand out. If it wasn't for my Grandparents, I probably would have never known about the awesomeness of Jack's. It's been a long time since I've made the trip out to Wynantskill to eat some of that deliciousness. I think this year I'll take my daughters out there and introduce them to Jack's. 



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