Teen Charged After Making Threat Against Colonie High

There was a pretty big police presence this morning at Colonie High after rumors of a threat against the school and other kids surfaced last night. The threat came from a comment that was made on the bus. It seems like there never really was much of a threat, just kids saying things that in this day and age get people feeling pretty uneasy. 

Colonie's Principal released a statement about the situation late last night -

Dear Colonie Community,

I write you to address and dispel concerns that at this day and age are all too real, pronounced and prevalent in our national culture. As a parent, I know there is little convincing that can be done from outside sources to calm apprehensions regarding attacks on school safety. Yet also as a parent, I write fully in expectance to emphatically assert that our school is as safe as it has ever been, and it is my duty to keep it as such.

Although rumors have surfaced this evening via social media, flippant responses from uninformed youths or adults as well as understandable overactive imaginations; there exist no credible threats of violence against our school.

First, Colonie Police are working with the school district to fully investigate any and all threats stemming from a comment made on a school bus today after dismissal. One student in question, with his family, has been extensively questioned, searched and held accountable for the commentary made carelessly in the proximity of other students.

A second individual made careless remarks this evening about the well-being of another student in another school district. That, in turn, manifested into a series of rumors becoming violently directed toward the school, which wasn’t the case. Unfortunately, gossip spun this issue into something more than where it began. The comments were concerning for certain, but more so regarding the well-being of that student and the information he shared.

We live in an era where all threats and safety concerns must be fully vetted, regardless of origin or intent. As a school district and community it has become increasingly more important to be vigilant listeners and active voices when is comes to the question of our safety and well-being. In addition, the Colonie Police have agreed to add a presence tomorrow to the campus in order to provide an added layer of security and general piece of mind.

I am hopeful that this will have to be our last correspondence on topics of this matter, but I am realistic enough to know that we must continue to keep our communication lines open both ways. Listen to your child(ren), hear their needs, address their concerns, assure them to trust in facts over speculation and know that the administrative team and caring faculty at CCHS believe in nothing more than safety first in our schools and community.


Christopher Robilotti

Executive Principal, Colonie High School

Austin Bishop was charged with making a "terroristic threat" and appeared in Colonie Town Court this morning where the Albany County D.A. requested probation and a mental health evaluation. 


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