Getting Ready For Our 1st Dance Competition

This weekend myself and about 90 or so families will travel to Torrington, Ct for our studios 1st competition of the year. To say that the kids are excited would be a giant understatement but they are excited. They have all been working very hard since September to get ready for this weekend. Countless hours in the studio learning choreography and formations. Learning how to dance on the props that are used in their dances. Practicing not only at the studio but at home as well trying to remember all of the dances that they compete. Our kids are absolutely amazing and deserve more credit that we could possibly give them. Think about it, most of our kids spend at least 5 days of their week in the studio taking class. This is on top of going to school, making sure that their homework is done and keeping their grades up. To say that I am proud of every child that dances at our studio, again would be an understatement. 

Most of the parents involved with the studio work just as hard. Moms are busy preparing costumes, making sure they have the right makeup, hair products, rhinestones, glitter and everything else their kids need. Not to mention that once we get to the competition they're responsible for getting their child ready for each and every dance. Oh, and to top it off they help other kids get ready as well. Let's not forget the fact that these same Moms come to the studio to help paint every single prop and get them looking stage ready as well.

Dads? Our job is easy. We just have to disassemble off of our props, load them into our prop truck, unload the prop truck once we get to our venue, reassemble those props and then know when each prop is needed on stage (and know exactly where it goes on stage). That's part of my job on those weekends. Oh, we're also the go for all weekend long as well. We go get lunch for kids, or wives. We go for coffee, water and whatever else is needed.

Now I'm pretty sure that you've seen "Dance Moms" on TV, not saying you've watched it, but you've seen or heard of it. You know that this "dance world" is filled with over bearing parents who are constantly bickering. Yes, that is part of the world in which we live in BUT that's a very small part of it. MOST of us keep it positive and support every kid that is on our team. I like that word, TEAM! That's what we are. Although there are individual dances that the kids do, we are all part of a team. Why wouldn't you support each child that wears our studios colors? 

This weekend, and several other weekends before June, we will spend at a theater or school watching our children do what they love to do. Parents will be exhausted, they will be stressed out, but at the end of the day getting to watch your child perform on stage is well worth ALL of it. This is their passion. So smile at them when they come off stage. Tell them how proud you are of them. Tell every child that walks off the stage that they did a great job. The had the guts to get up there and perform in front of not only judges but a room full of strangers. They did their best, so tell them that you noticed that and appreciate it. 

On a personal note to my daughter Madi - We are all very proud of you my little angel. Watching you grow as a dance year after year is an absolute pleasure! 

To wrap up, to every child that will wear the Blue and Yellow of WOD this weekend - Dance your heart out! Smile and enjoy every single moment you're there. Not just on stage, but in the hotel with your friends and family. Enjoy sitting and watching other kids that you don't know do what they have worked just as hard as you have, do. Make memories and enjoy. Your parents are proud of you! We're all very proud of you. 


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