Prices Going Up At The Track This Year

It's going to be costing you more to walk through the gates this year at The Track. Well, if you pay for your ticket the day that you go. If you buy tickets in advance then you'll pay $5 for Grandstand and $8 for the Clubhouse. If you buy walk up and to the gate and pay the day of? $7 for Grandstand and $10 for Clubhouse. 

Season passes are staying the same. $40 for Grandstand and $65 for The Clubhouse. 

Granted that the price increase isn't that drastic it's still an increase and I'm sure that some will be upset with it. Others will simply pay the couple bucks more and go enjoy themselves. Let's be realistic, if you're there to bet on the horses then those couple bucks really isn't going to bother you that much compared to what you're likely to loose in the grand scheme of the day. 


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