5 Years After The Boston Marathon Bombing

Yesterday was the running of the Boston Marathon, and the Women's Race was won by an American for the 1st time. 

But if you think back just 5 years ago, tragedy struck Boston after 2 bombs went off near the finish line. I can remember being in the studio handling my daily stuff before I get on the air (blogging, show prep and other fun stuff that really isn't worth mentioning) when I heard about the bombing. I wasn't on the air yet so I was doing my best to keep people updated on Social Media and on our website. Once I got on the air I can remember trying to get updates on the search for the suspects and really trying to get out what ever information I could. Once I was off the air I was just like everyone else, watching the news and just trying to stay up to date with everything that was happening.

What I was unaware of until a day or so after the tragedy was that one of the heroes of that day was from Colonie. Jim Plourde, a guy that I went to Colonie High, was popping up on a bunch of the National news stations. The picture that I saw was the one in the thumbnail of this post. Jimmy carrying a victim in his arms away from the danger, on a mission to get her help. Before we knew it, Jim's photo had gone viral!

So here we are in 2018 and Jim's connection to the 518 and his beginnings in the explorer program are inspiring young kids all over the area to pursue being a firefighter.  

CLICK HERE to see the story that News 10 ABC did on Jim and his inspiration.


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