Albany Comedian Greg Aidala Wants Our Elected Officials To Step Up

Greg Aidala might be known locally for making us laugh but this time he's hitting the streets with a very important message. His family has owned Quail Auto Sales since 1943 and just within Greg's lifetime he's seen a giant change in the neighborhood. The car dealership was started by Greg's grandfather and is currently run by his father. Not that long ago, there was a shooting outside of the dealership and Greg's father watched the man collapse and die right there in from of his business. 

You always hear our elected officials talk about change, you hear them say what they want done but what you don't see is these same people showing their face in the community where these tragedies take place. Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about the Albany Police or any of our 1st responders. I'm talking about the ones that work in City Hall. Oh sure, they'll show up to take some photos and "be seen" in the neighborhood but that's about it.

Well, Greg's had enough and he's calling on Albany's Mayor and everyone else to help make the changes necessary to bring back ALL of the neighborhoods in Albany.



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