Man Makes "Terroristic Threat" At Rivers Casino

A 70 year old man was arrested for making a "terroristic threat" at Rivers Casino. Now he allegedly said that he was going to blow the place up BUT his lawyer is saying that the authorities over reacted to what he said.

Turns out that Peter Glaser had been playing blackjack for a while, about 8-10 hours, and apparently wasn't exactly on a hot streak at the table. At one point he allegedly said "this place is awful! I hate everyone in this place and I'm going to come in here and bomb this building and I hope everyone dies!"

I get what his lawyer is saying, only a little bit however. I don't care if you'be been playing cards for hours on end, that it's 5am or what's going on, you just don't say that in public. That's just not a smart thing to say and or do. How do people around you know how serious you are or if you're just mad because you're loosing? Think about it, people have done some pretty terrible things for dumber reasons. 

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