Bears In The Capital Region

Yesterday there were some people reporting that they say a black bear in Guilderland. They weren't "just saying" it, they actually did see the bear. I know that there have been reports of bears wandering into the area in the past, especially in Guilderland. They're close to the mountains, kind of. Sometimes these bears get hungry and or lost and happen to wander into the neighborhoods. Maybe they were looking for Hana? I'm sure even bears get a craving for some hibachi now and then, no?

Today, there was another report of a bear sighting. This time it was in Rotterdam. Rotterdam police investigated but didn't find and or see one as of yet. They say they'll continue to drive around and look. 

So 2 reported bears in the Capital Region in 2 days. Outstanding!

There's actually video of a bear in the Glenmont area from yesterday - 

All of these bears led out "web guy" BJ to warn everyone!

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