I May Have Stolen Panic At The Disco Tickets To Give Away

We found out yesterday that Panic At The Disco is coming to the Times Union Center in January. The 15th to be exact. Tickets go on sale this Friday but I stumbled across some to give away on The Low Budget Night Show. I'm guessing that I shouldn't be giving them away since nobody told me I was giving tickets away this week. That and the fact that I had to go into the promotions office and take them off the desk, the door was open so it's not like I had to break in to get these. 

Considering I got this voicemail today when I got in, I assume that management isn't aware of what I have going on, yet!

I'll give another pair away tonight at 8:30 on the show. Let's keep this on the down low and maybe I won't get caught doing this. 


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