Albany High Graduation Interrupted By Protest

Like many local high schools, Albany High had their graduation this weekend. Unlike all the other Capital Region schools, Albany's had a bit of a twist added to their ceremony. Students stood and turned their back to the stage as the president of the school board took to the podium to speak to the Class on 2018. What started out as just a small group of students quickly grew into a majority of students turning their backs on Sue Alder. They were warned to sit back down by district officials or they would be escorted out by security. One student did walk out but was brought back in by security later on.

I tip my hat to the students of Albany High for taking a stand and exercising their right to peacefully protest. They didn't cause a scene, they didn't get out of hand. The called attention to something that they believe in. 

If you're wondering why they were protesting or would like to see VIDEO of the protest, I have you covered there. You can read the Times Union story HERE


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