Toys R Us Stores Close This Friday

If you haven't gotten into Toys R Us in Clifton Park or Colonie to take advantage of their "going out of business" sales yet, you only have until Friday to do it. I have no idea what's left on their shelves at this point but get in there and grab something.

All of the stores will be closing their doors for good this Friday. No, not just the ones here in the Capital Region, ALL of their stores Nationwide. I assume that you knew that they're going out of business but if you didn't then this might come as a shock to you. Maybe this is why the chain is bankrupt?? You had no idea that the company was going out of business because you haven't been in there in a long time.

It's kind of sad in a way. I've lived in Colonie for pretty much my whole life and that Toys R Us store has been there the entire time. I went in there with my Grandfather hundreds of times. I remember riding my bike there with friends when we were kids to get the necessary Summer supplies we needed, wiffle ball bats and balls mostly. I've done shopping there for my 2 daughters. Now, after Friday, that store will not be there anymore. Luckily I have the memories that I do.



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